Why Keep It Vegan Exists

According to Humane Research Council 84% of Vegetarians and Vegans return to meat. (Source [PDF])

That's an alarming statistic! If you're already abstaining from eating meat or all animal products, you might be wondering why this is. There are many reasons why someone might quit veganism/vegetarianism. Looking at the same study above, it appears the biggest reasons people quit a vegan/vegetarian diet is a lack of social support.

Looking at the "Key Difficulties with Vegetarian/Vegan Diets" table in HRC's study, over 70% of vegans/vegetarians say they aren't involved in any vegan/vegetarian groups or organizations. To add to that 41% of vegans and 63% of vegetarians say that they disliked that their vegan/vegetarian diet made them stick out from the crowd

From this information, we can understand that pressure from friends and family can push you off course from following a vegan/vegetarian diet. The more social pressure, the farther away you drift from the initial reasons that made you want to go plant-based. You start to forget about the animals. You start to forget about the health benefits. You start to forget about the environmental devastation caused by animal agriculture. 

KeepItVegan was created in January of 2017 with a simple goal in mind: To create resources so informative - and so beginner-friendly - that can help vegans stay motivated and healthier than ever before.

Here's Our Game Plan With Keep It Vegan:​

  • Publish & promote insanely detailed, high-quality resources for new and experienced vegans, free of cost.
  • Build a massive, friendly community of vegans to help one another stay motivated on their plant-based diet.

Negative Statistics Aside, We Still Have A Bright Future:

Above is a graph that shows the general growth of veganism. Notice that unlike fad diets, veganism has had a constant and sustainable growth. Veganism is attracting more people than ever before. So many grocery stores are adopting "Vegan" labeled food items. Bill Gates has even invested in Beyond Meat, possibly the most innovative mock meat company.

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