A Detailed Guide to Vegan Coats and Jackets for All Weather and Seasons

We’re back with more vegan-friendly fashion, and this time, we’re talking about coats and jackets!

Depending on where you live, ​these clothing items are either a fun fashion statement or a functional necessity. (Maybe even both!)

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Whether you need your coat to make you look great or keep you from turning into an icicle, we’ve found a range of vegan-friendly options that will do both.

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​A Brief Guide to Coat Buying

Before we really jump into this guide and start sharing coat and jacket recommendations, let's turn you into a savvy shopper!

​We will go through a few common questions as well as provide you with some tips that will allow you to make a confident buying choice.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

First thing's first: What's the difference between a coat and a jacket?

This might be completely obvious for some and not so much for others.

The main difference is that coats are typically longer than jackets (although there are a few exceptions).

A simple rule is that if the garment you're wearing hangs below you're thighs, you're wearing a coat.

​Typical Materials ​​Used in Coats

The majority of coats are made out of some type of animal products such as wool, down (feathers), fur, or leather. This is especially true for cold-weather coats.

Don’t despair! The fashion industry is changing by using synthetic materials that don’t harm animals.

Some of them are Primaloft, polyester, cotton, and acrylic. As more and more designers ditch fur - most recently, John Galliano, Tom Ford, and Gucci - we can only expect better cruelty-free fashion in the future. 

Diagram of how vegan Primaloft fabric works

​​​Primaloft is a type of synthetic fabric initially created for the US army in the 80s'. It is a super durable and completely vegan-friendly fabric.

Image of polyester fabric demonstrating its stretchiness

​​​​​Polyester is a very versatile material made from plastic. However, it is important to note that according to GreenLivingOnline, ​petroleum is a main component to creating Polyester. Petroleum is not environemtally friendly considering that is the byproduct from processing oil. (Although you could make the argument that petroleum makes use of something that would've gone to waste.) Some companies will find ways to make polyester production environmentally friendly by recycling bottles or old polyester.

“Wait...What’s wrong with wool?”

Like the fur and leather industries, the wool industry is also incredibly cruel. Contrary to popular belief, shearing a sheep is not just like a haircut.

Shearers are paid by the volume which incentivizes them to shear as quickly as possible without paying attention to whether or not they are hurting the sheep. Undercover investigations have also shown shearers kicking and punching sheep. Lambs are also castrated with a rubber ring until their testicles lose circulation and fall off.

In fact, the industry is so cruel that hundreds of lambs die before they turn eight weeks old. So make sure that wool is not part of your wardrobe!

​These practices differ from farm to farm and while you might not see as much of the really unethical on smaller farms, you surely will on larger farms, where the majority of wool comes from.

​Definitely make sure to check out One Green Planet's article detailing five facts about the wool industry.

Animal-Free materials you’ll love

There’s a myth that animal fibers and materials are “higher quality” than synthetic ones. This simply isn’t true. Polyester is an extremely versatile material that varies in quality but is very warm. Brands like Patagonia make their own trademarked versions of polyester down alternatives that have won awards.

Nylon is waterproof and makes excellent raincoats, as does acrylic and vinyl. Cotton is another soft and stylish option that can double as insulation. Vegan leather can be made of several different materials but looks just as stylish.

The Three Factors of Coat-Buying

When shopping for a coat, it’s important to think about three things; value, style, and durability.

A $300 coat may seem expensive, but if you’re going to wear it for many, many years, it could be a good buy. That’s value.

Consider the style of the coat too - is it likely to still match your taste next year or the year after that?

And of course, you have to keep in mind its durability and how well it will hold up in your climate. Someone in Anchorage, Alaska will shop much differently compared to a Floridian.

These are not set-in-stone rules. If you really want a rule to sum up picking apparel I would say “Buy what you like; not what’s popular”. These three factors are helpful to remember if you ever feel overwhelmed with choices. Just remember Value, Style, Durability.

Tips For Picking Out A Coat

Here are our top five tips for selecting the perfect coat:

1.) Read reviews to make sure you’ve chosen a good product

Product reviews for a women's coat by Red X

Product reviews allow you to determine if you should buy an item. For example, if you are tall and reviews say that a coat is a bit shorter than it looks in the photos, you know not to go with that coat.

You'll also be able to get a good idea of the coat's quality without seeing it in person. Looks can be deceiving and that's why researching before making an online purchase is essential.

2.) Make sure it matches with the rest of your wardrobe

An artistic picture of somebody's closet wardrobe

​This tip is mainly for women but stylish guys can apply it too.

If you wear shades of grey, beige, black, and navy every day, you probably won’t want a metallic gold faux leather jacket (but we have a recommendation if you do!). On the other hand, if you wear solid black every single day, then a metallic gold faux leather jacket might make your clothes pop more. It all comes down to your style.

3.) Double check the measurements so that it isn’t too short or too long

A body measurement device around a manikin

Knowing your measurements is crucial to online shopping. You can find more information on how to take your measurements here.

4.) Don’t get hung up on brands; a good coat is a good coat regardless of the name on the label

Some people have a tendency to become “brand-obsessed,” meaning that they only wear designer clothing. While everyone has their favorites, you can miss out on some excellent clothing by not branching out.

5.) And of course, find one that you’ll love wearing!

A happy lady wearing a coat

If you’re going to spend the money on a coat, you may as well love it! It's your opinion that matters most when buying clothing - not someone elses.

​Men's Coats and Jackets


​Vegan Streetwear Jacket by Ragwear

Our first coat is from a company called Ragwear.

​This ​brand was founded in 1997 and makes stylish yet rugged men’s winter coats.

They pride themselves on being “the best in vegan streetwear”, and are also child-labor-free.

Their coats are water-repellent and available in a variety of colors and styles. They don’t have any Amazon reviews, but information on their company is widely available on the web.

​Lightweight Windbreaker Hoodie by Vcansion

If this coat doesn’t say “stroll through the park”, then I don’t know what does.

This lightweight cotton option is perfect for autumn and early spring.

The detachable hood and updated twist on a trench coat makes it easy to dress up or down. The plaid lining gives it added flair.

It’s made by a company called VCansion that sells apparel exclusively on Amazon.

Single-Breasted Windbreaker Trenchcoat by ​Midoly

Another sophisticated option, this coat is like the darker counterpart to the previous one by VCansion.

Similarly, it’s sold by a company named Midoly, which sells only on Amazon. It’s still lightweight and classic, but a bit sleeker and cheaper.

The only potential downside is the lack of a hood.


​Hooded Polyester Windproof Jacket by PHIBEE

Moving on to our sporty coats, we have a great windproof jacket made from polyester that’s lightweight and ideal for layering.

It can be worn on its own in cool weather or underneath heavier coats in extreme conditions. Either way, it’s a great choice.

​Sports Jacket / Raincoat by ​Cheerun

This ski-jacket style coat comes in multiple colors and is both wind and waterproof.

It also has an inner pocket that can fit a wallet, passport, keys, or any other valuables.

It’s available in sizes Medium to XXX Large, making it ideal for big and tall men. Reviews boast its breathability and find it to be a good value for the price. 


​M-65 Field Coat

This vintage-esque coat from well-known brand Alpha Industries is fashionable while still being masculine.

It can be purchased oversized or fitted - the sizing details are spelled out in the description.

Inspired by the coats worn by the US Army and available in extended sizes, this coat is one of our top picks for men.

​Resolve Parka by North Face

There may be nothing trendier over the past five years than outerwear from The North Face.

This beloved brand has become a staple due to its warmth, durability, and simplistic style.

The Resolve Parka is just one of their several vegan coat options and their solid black shade matches everything. 


​Iconic Trench Coat by London Fog

London Fog is a household name for coats - especially raincoats and trench coats.

If you’re looking for a traditional, old-world vibe then look no further.

Reviews laud the construction and look of this piece, just beware that the color “British Khaki” is a bit darker than advertised.

​Gender-Neutral Peacoat

By far the most expensive coat on our list, we would be remiss if we wrote an article on vegan coats without mentioning this brand.

“Vaute Couture” is a play on “haute couture” with a “v” for vegan. These ultra-luxurious coats are as timeless as they are sturdy, so you can have one for years.

The lining is also made with recycled fibers!


​Biker Jacket by Smoke Rise

Stay golden in this eye-catching vegan leather jacket that’s perfect for a night out.

Made from polyurethane and polyester, this is a bold choice that is sure to leave an impression. If the color is too much for you, they make it in black as well.

​Business Casual Pu Leather Jacket by Modern Fantasy

Stay golden in this eye-catching vegan leather jacket that’s perfect for a night out.

Made from polyurethane and polyester, this is a bold choice that is sure to leave an impression. If the color is too much for you, they make it in black as well.

​Winter/Cold Weather

​Big & Tall Expedition Parka by Boulder Creek

This coat is made with polyfill, a synthetic polyester fleece lining that’s warmer than regular polyester.

This coat comes in multiple solid colors, as well as camo print, so you’re sure to find one that suits you.

And at only $50, this is another one of our favorites for its exceptional value and mass appeal.

​3-In-1 Winter Coat by Freeze Defense

This coat is perhaps the ultimate in insulation and durability.

It comes with a vest that can be worn on its own or underneath the coat for another layer of warmth, both of which are made of polyester. This is a superb choice if you are someone who has to shovel your driveway every winter in an extreme climate.

If warmth and staying dry in a snowstorm are your top priorities, this is the coat for you.


​Are raincoats vegan? It’s generally pretty easy to find vegan raincoats since they’re often made of cotton, nylon, rayon, vinyl, or acrylic (although sometimes they can have wool so always double check the labels and descriptions). Nonetheless, we hunted down a prime example for you.

​Lightweight Raincoat by Gioberti

Here’s a great basic raincoat that’s made out of polyester and is super affordable.

If you don’t like to dress in ​blue when it’s grey outside, don’t worry.

This product comes in neon shades as well as other neutrals. It’s a great value at $25, you could even get two different colors!

​Women's Coats and Jackets


Zip Closure Trench Coat by Wantdo

This mid-thigh length polyester coat has a flattering hourglass silhouette that gives it a classic design.

The hood isn’t too bulky and the cobalt/navy color is absolutely stunning (although it does come in other colors) and unique without being too loud.

It’s easy enough to dress up or down as well. 

​One-Button Notched Lapel by Allegra K

This minimalist coat is easy to dress up or down and to transition from season to season.

The soft grey color is a welcome contrast from the typical dark hues that tend to dominate outerwear.

It’s also a great price, making it easy to add to your wardrobe alongside your cold-weather everyday coat(s). 

​Belted Trench Coat by Jones New York

A traditional cut from a well-known brand, Jones New York is known for modest yet playful women’s fashion and this product definitely fits the bill.

They also have a reputation for quality items, so this is likely a more durable spring coat.  This is perfect for anyone who loves a good, feminine trench.


​Micro Puff Hoody by Patagonia

This award-winning coat from leading brand Patagonia comes with a price tag so hefty that it could also be considered a luxury item.

The “revolutionary PlumaFill insulation replicates the structure of down . . . offering the warmth and packability of down but with the warm-when-wet performance of synthetic insulation” making it perfect for winter sports.

If you long for winter so you can spend time skiing, skating, sledding, or sightseeing, consider investing in this coat. 

​Windproof Hooded Jacket by PHIBEE

This is the women’s version of the men’s coat we reviewed above.

A solid lightweight option for a warmer winter day or a great layering piece, this coat is available in neutrals in addition to hot pink. 


​Keegan Trench Coat by Sam Edelman

This stylish coat is cooler than your average trench coat, while giving off a vaguely equestrian vibe.

Sam Edelman is known for footwear, but things could be changing for the brand if they continue making apparel like this.

With faux leather detail and a sash, it’s a great mixture of traditional and trendy.

​Moto Jacket by BB Dakota

Here’s a cropped moto jacket for everyone who is sick of coats that go too far down.

This edgy jacket is trendy but will still go with just about any outfit.

You can wear it with vegan leather biker boots, skinny jeans to make it tough, or over a flowy pastel blouse to make it more delicate.


​Faux Leopard Fur Coat by SpiritHoods

Faux fur can often look cheap and trashy, but SpiritHoods is making faux fur glamorous with its range of coats that are to-die-for.

The brand is a favorite among vegan social media influencers, and for good reason. It almost looks too real. They also make some really, really snuggly blankets.

​Darrah Coat by Arcteryx

This coat is great for long harsh winters. It’s from well-known Canadian outdoor sports brand Arcteryx (which refers to the scientific name for the earliest known birds).

It’s a high-quality water-repellent and well-insulated coat that will likely last a long time. Just beware that some people have complained that the sizing is a little off.


​Encounter Coat by Somedays Lovin

This ultra-feminine polyester coat with its unique texture is sure to stop traffic. The brand makes fun, colorful women’s clothing sold at multiple stores.​

This coat only has a hook and loop closure, so it may be more of a fashion statement than a practical choice.

It does have deep front pockets though, so you might not even need to carry a bag. Bonus!

​Motto Jacket by [BLANKNYC]

This punk-meets-cowgirl vegan leather jacket has a big personality.

The stud detail keeps it tough while the flowers give it a softer, more upbeat touch.The brand, BLANK NYC, uses vegan leather in many of their designs, so it’s a great option when looking for jackets. 

​Winter/Cold Weather

​A-Line Parka Puffer Coat by Haven OuterWear

This simple winter coat features a combination of synthetic materials and down alternative fill that helps keep it toasty.

Available  in three colors and with four pockets, it’s an affordable, practical choice for a winter coat. 

​Puffer Coat by Kenneth Cole

A designer coat that’s packable and contains no animal products? Count us in!

Kenneth Cole uses faux fur and animal-friendly materials frequently in his designs.

This coat also comes in a few different colors, so you’re bound to like at least one of them!


​Like we said before, most raincoats are accidentally vegan. But it’s only fair to give you a woman’s option too.

​Front-Zip Raincoat by Lark & Ro

Last but certainly not least, we have a super cute polyester and nylon raincoat with a zipper and sash to add some whimsy to your rainy days.

Just make sure to bring your umbrella because it doesn’t have a hood!

​Final Notes

While coats used to be made almost exclusively with wool, fur, leather, and down, there are plenty of vegan options on the market.

We’ve covered a range of coats so no matter your style, needs, or budget, there’s a cruelty-free coat with your name on it out there waiting for you!

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