A Vegan’s Guide To Wallets

There is perhaps no accessory more essential than the wallet. It carries identification, cash, credit cards, insurance information, and many other important items.

Traditionally, high-quality wallets have been made almost exclusively out of leather, which gets less attention than the fur industry but is still extremely cruel. Believe it or not, leather is not a meat byproduct.

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“The truth is that much of the leather sold today comes from animals killed primarily for their skins.”

The Wallet Question:

Question: "What is the best vegan wallet you could personally recommend?

A​nswer: "​I went with a banana-fiber wallet. It's durable, very unique, helps a noble cause, and is eco-friendly."

​We have curated a wide range of vegan wallets below to fit every budget and preference.

  • ​Designer brands? Check.
  • Made from recycled materials? Check.
  • A wallet that can also open a bottle of beer? Check! (Yes, seriously.)

So skip the leather and opt for a new wallet that reflects your personal style and ethics.

Just don’t try to cram too much into it, okay?

An episode of Seinfeld where George's wallet explodes

​George from Seinfeld's exploding wallet.

​Note: while we have organized this list into men’s and women’s sections, some of these wallets could be considered unisex. Many of these brands also make products for both men and women, so be sure to check them out.

Additionally, even though some of these products may not be from 100% vegan companies or may not be marketed as vegan (Such as metal wallets) but we were careful to be sure that they do not contain animal products. Enjoy!

​For Men

​Eco-friendly wallets

​GBP's Banana Fiber Bi-Fold

Price: $30-$35

Banana fiber wallet next to a cup of tea

​Kicking off this list, we have Green Banana Paper's wallet, made out of banana fiber. This is ​my #1 recommendation.

​I ended up choosing this wallet and I love it so far! I was quite sceptical when ordering it because there were a couple bad reviews saying that the material is "not strong" and that the wallet was "way too stiff for any sort of use". These reviews were in the minority, so I pulled the trigger and just ordered one.

​The first thing I noticed when I opened that Amazon package was that there was some sort of banana-fiber pouch. At first, I thought they screwed up the order and sent me a different product of theirs! Low and behold, that was just the packaging and the correct wallet was inside. Very cool!

Opening the wallet, it was a little stiff ​on the first day. This material takes a day or so of breaking in and then it becomes just as good as any other wallet.

Inside the wallet, you'll notice a few pieces of banana-fiber paper with some company information. You also get a card signed by the person who made the wallet with the date it was created!

​The durability is great. I don't know what the few negative reviewers were talking about when they said you could just "tear it in half like a piece of paper". You'd have to really be trying to destroy it to actually tear it in half. It's like saying they don't make phone books durable enough because some strong guys​ can rip them in half.

To add to this, this wallet is fairly water resistant as well. I purposefully spilled a bit of water on it and it didn't soak in. You could increase the water resistance by adding some sort of additional coating to it. There are various methods such as using mineral spirits to waterproof it.

​The information card mentioned in the sentence above. Ignore that "Arrived" date in the bottom-left corner - I put that there.

Story of Green Banana Paper on back of a banana fiber card

​The other side of that same card. The story of how they make their products.

There are MANY different patterns for you to choose from to match your unique style. The pattern you see above is my personal favorite and is named 'Pacific Red'. If you don't want a flashy wallet and just want a simple design, there's even a "Natural" color which also looks quite good.

Something else I like about this particular wallet is that it has 6 credit card spots. Some wallets only have three and use an entire side as a place to frame your ID.

​Once again, you can click here to see the current price of the G​BP banana-fiber wallet.

​Recycled Bags' Fish Feed Wallets

​Price: Around $10

Three Fish Feed Wallets

The Recycled Fish Feed Man’s Wallet is made from - you guessed it - fish feed bags! It's wonderfully affordable and looks fantastic.

​There are plenty of patterns depending on your style. Above are three of our favorites​. It’s made in Cambodia and is registered with the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.

FRiLuk Slim Wallet w/ Coin Pocket

Price: Around $40

You’ve heard of cork boards and cork sandals, but did you know that there are cork wallets? The Vegan Slim Wallet with Coin Pocket from FriLuk is available in both light and dark wood. This PETA-approved wallet also has free worldwide shipping.

​Rugged / Manly wallets

​Pangea​'s Recycled Rubber/Hemp wallet

Price: $20-$25

A Vegan-Friendly Rubber Wallet

This wallet easily could have been listed under the eco-friendly category as it is made from recycled rubber and hemp.

What really drew me to this wallet was how much it looks like a classic men’s wallet. The green hue only makes it more masculine. Reviews boast both its durability and ample space for cards.

Green Guru's Bi-fold wallet 

Price: $22-$30

Simple vegan bi-fold wallet

Yet another upcycled men’s wallet! Made from old bicycle tires, the Green Guru Bi-Fold wallet is another great option.

This wallet has only five-star reviews at the moment of writing this, which also praises its longevity. Great for those who prefer a fabric look to a leather one.

​Wallets That Give Back

​Out of Print's 'Where The Wild Things Are​'

Price: $​10-12

Where The Wild Things Are Wallet

One of my favorites on this list, Out of Print has a wide array of literature-themed apparel and accessories. Made in the USA, Out of Print donates books to communities in need with each purchase.

While this wallet is listed as a men’s item, it could easily be unisex. From picture books to Victorian novels, there’s bound to be a pouch here with your favorite classic on it. I’m eyeing the 1984 one!

​Budget-Friendly wallets

​Rothco's Nylon Wallet

​Price: ​$5-$7​​​

Rothco industructable vegan wallet

The most inexpensive wallet on our list still has an average rating of four stars. This slim tri-fold wallet made from nylon is also available in olive green for only $5.23. If price is your number one concern, look no further!

This wallet is cheap and will survive wear-and-tear for years!

Garuda's Hemp Bi-fold Wallet

Price: $12

Vegan hemp bi-fold wallet

Another simple and affordable solution is this bi-fold hemp wallet from Garuda International.

It’s available in three colors and has a zippered pouch and self-sticking closure to keep everything in place.​

Garuda's  Minimalism Wallet

​Price:​ Around $30​​​

Minimalist Vegan wallet

​Now here's a really unique vegan wallet choice! Garuda's ​minimalistic wallet was designed using a material called "jute". You might be scratching your head, curious to what "jute" actually is - I was too!

Jute is essentially a soft vegetable fiber that can be spun into a durable thread. It's ​luckily a very affordable fiber - making it an appealing choice ​for designers! If you're up for a good read on this fiber, Wikipedia actually has a surprisingly well-written article on everything you'd need to know about Jute.

​Overall it's a very tough wallet and super appealing.

​Metal Wallets

​Secrid​'s Card Protector

​Price: ​$50-$60​​​

Secrid metal wallet

Another option with RFID protection, the Secrid Very Slim Credit Card Holder is even more secure than it looks. With one click, the wallet opens and all credit cards slide out. This design even won a Red Dot Award.


Price: $40


This is it - the wallet that can open a beer. The Brewclip is a money clip designed to reduce the bulkiness of wallets whilst eliminating the need for bottle opener keychains. This gadget makes an excellent gift for the beer aficionado in your life.

Radix's ​Minimalist Front-Pocket Wallet

Price: Around $20

Radix Metal Wallet

The cheapest metal wallet on our list that still has RFID protection. While it doesn’t lock its contents into place the way the Secrid does, the price difference should make up for it. Plus it is nice and thin so it won’t bulge in your pocket.

Gerber's 'Pointy' money clip!

Price: Around $20

Knife wallet - still vegan-friendly!

While most of us may think of baby food when we hear “Gerber,” this wallet is anything but cute and cuddly. This sleek money clip holds a hidden blade. With a lifetime warranty, the Gerber GDC Money Clip is a great way to keep both your money and your life secure.

​For Women

​Wallets That Give Back

​Angela Roi​​'s Travel Pouch

Price: $85

Zuri Travel Pouch

Angela Roi is one of the most renowned vegan handbag designers. While she is famous for her stylish products made of luxe cruelty-free materials, she is not as well known for her charitable efforts.

Angela Roi has pledged to donate proceeds from her sales to local humane shelters. This featured wallet is from the Aisha Giraffe Collection which specifically benefits giraffes (and is another personal favorite of mine on this list).

Malia Designs' Plum City Wallet 

Price: $30

Plum City vegan wallet

Drawing inspiration from Cambodia, a team of designers based in the United States and Cambodia creates one-of-a-kind patterns and designs.

The Long Wallet in Plum City is a great example of this. “Designed to carry a cause,” the company also partners with Stop Traffick, an anti-human trafficking organization based in Chicago.

​Budget-Friendly Wallets

​Cynure's Vegan Leather Wallet

Price: $10-$15

Vegan leather women's wallet

Here's a mighty stylish but budget-respecting wallet for all of our female readers. It's made using a durable synthetic leather that tends to last longer than real leather for that matter.

There's plenty of space for all of your cash, cards, and goodies in this nicely-designed wallet.

Overall, if you're looking for a sturdy wallet that doesn't contain animal products, look no further!

​Peace Handicrafts​'s Eco-Slim wallet

Price: $16

Eco Slim vegan wallets

This fun, colorful wallet is made out of recycled feed bags. Also made in Cambodia, Peace Handicrafts has been around since 2002. They train local people to work with them, giving priority to the disabled, deaf, and underprivileged.

​Flashy-But-Affordable Wallets

​HFS Collective's Pony Case Wallet

Price: $35

Pony case wallet

At first glance, this patterned card case looks like it’s made out of animal products.

Although the material has the misleading name of “Ultrasuede,” it’s actually made out of post-industrial recycled polyester. This tiny wallet is a chic way to keep your most important cards in your coat pocket.

JW PEI​'s Blue Wallet

Price: $60

JW Pei's Blue Wallet

JW PEI is a great option if you can’t shell out for an Angela Roi or Matt & Nat wallet.

Their minimalist bag and wallet designs are made partially from recycled water bottles and come in an array of delightful colors. Plus you can get 10% off your first purchase.

Jeane and Jax's Perforated Mini Wallet

​Price: $45

Jeane and Jax wallet

Good things come in small packages. The Perforated Mini Wallet made out of vegan leather is anything but your average coin purse.

Between the tassel detail (which, sadly, is  often left out on vegan accessories) and its unique texture, this wallet is sure to turn heads.

​Luxury Wallets

​Stella McCartney's Zip-Around Wallet

Price: $440

Stella Mccartney wallet

I would be remiss if I omitted Stella McCartney from this list. The most famous designer on this list, she has been an advocate for animals by refusing to use fur and leather in her products (she does use wool, but only from sheep on her own farm where they are treated well).

You don’t have to compromise your love of designer fashion in order to lead a vegan lifestyle.

Matt & Nat's Vegan Wallet

Price: $80-$85

Matt and Nat vegan wallet

A favorite in the vegan community, Matt & Nat creates high-quality, fashionable accessories that are 100% cruelty-free. Their classic styles are available in both standard neutrals and vibrant colors. They also have many items for men.

Fossil's Emma (RFID-blocking) wallet

Price: $80-$85

Fossil Wallet

I must admit that despite seeing this brand countless times, I had no idea that Fossil’s products were made from vegan leather. This brand is widely available in department stores, making it an accessible choice. These wallets also come with RFID protection - win!

Gunas​'s Twiggy

Price: $135

Gunas vegan wallet

Vegan fashion is only boring if you let it be - and the Twiggy wallet by Gunas proves it. According to its site, Gunas is “America’s First 100% Vegan Handbag Brand Est. 2009.” (Fingers crossed for a huge ten-year anniversary sale in 2019!) Live out all your mod Barbie dreams with this wallet.

MeDusa​'s Dori Wristlet

Price: $90

Demusa's blue vegan-friendly wallet

These wallets feature intricate designs on bold primary palettes. The brand’s name is not only the Greek goddess but also the Hebrew word for “jellyfish”, as the designers have drawn their inspiration from the sea. Their items are pricey, but if you see something you like, be sure to act fast. Many of their wallets are already sold out!


Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes to how many different vegan products exist.

Many of the reviews for these products discussed how durable they are, meaning that you do not have to sacrifice quality for ethics.

Similarly, there are many upcycled options for wallets made from everything from cork to feed bags to plastic water bottles.

No matter what kind of wallet you’re searching for, you’re bound to find a vegan one that fits your needs.

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